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Our Children Are The Solution, Not The Problem

Papa Peace January 13, 2021 40

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My grand daughter Aya Woods (freshman in Highschool) says that she is not learning much in school. We as a community a lot of time see teenagers as the problem, not the solution. Aya says She is feeling so bored and sad at school; she views what is being taught to her does not help create financial freedom. If we listen to our children we can know the direction we should take in the education system. After this interview, Aya felt she was heard not as a child but as an adult. Her dad came on the show and that encouraged her greatly. She said, she feels now more purposeful and hopeful.

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Papa Peace

Papa Peace(Shahram Sedehi) is a freelance filmmaker, from middle east, Iran, who loves the spirituality of Black people; so much so that he had to marry Mama Joy, a native of New Orleans.

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