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Joyspeace Radio Audio Web Drama Series Crowdfunding Youth Project

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Project Inspiration: As the good book says, “…and the child will lead them”. We seek to restore the dignity of Black story through the youth.

Project Vision: JoysPeace Radio is committed to educating the youth in Southside Chicago on taking ownership of their Black story. Encouraging the youth to use the World Wide Web, as the medium to reveal the history of their ancestors in relationship to their own. We are coaching the youth, how to entertain, inform and monetize their stories on the web. We will examine the success of Black story tellers in all media arenas, as examples to follow.

Project Goal: To create a pilot for an audio web drama series produced mainly by youth, in order to crowdfund the series 

Why Audio, and Not Video? Audio production is the most efficient was to tell a story in an entertaining way, as a stepping stone to attract the budget for video and Cinema productions.

What is Crowdfunding? It is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

What is A Pilot? A pilot introduces the characters and their world to the viewer; it is structured so that it can be run as the first episode of the series.

Why Is A Pilot Needed For Crowdfunding? Crowdfunders/fans view the pilot to see it would be entertaining enough to them to contribute financially to the web series.

Who are the financial investors for creating the Pilot?

All Team Members involved with the project

What is the initial budget for the pilot?

Zero Dollar! All expenses are shared and out of pocket of team members

No equipment will be purchased , and no loans taken out. 

What will be the project’s crowdfunding financial goal?


Who is the owner and beneficiary of the web series?

All involved in the project. 

Project Schedule 


Time: 1 Week / 5 Hrs

Team: Two Youth Writers, Two Adult Co-Directors


Time: 3 Weeks/ 15 Hrs 

Team: 5 Youth Actors, 2 Sound Recorders, Two Co-Directors

Location:  A quiet room

Equipment: The best digital recording of audio owned by team members

Post Production:

Time:1 Week / 5 Hrs

Team: Two Editors, A Mentor & The Director

Location: A quiet room

Equipment: The best audio editing and effects library available to team members

This Proposal written by Shahram Sedehi, (Papa Peace) A freelance video cameraman and editor. Please contact him here