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The Good Gang, Interview With Youth Antonio & Isaiah and Mentor, Jacquline

Mama Joy September 10, 2020 112

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“…there is nothing wrong with gangs, it’s a form of organizing…but there is a problem with ‘bad’ gangs, that are formed to torment others…” says Antonio Monix (Toni Mono), one of the Youth leaders at the ABJ foundation.

Alyiah Harris, (writer for breathing asks, “How do you handle the day to day fear of walking around Southside, with so many killings there…?” Isaiah James (Adverb Poet) answers, “…I am not afraid because, I live in Purpose…”

Jacquline Miller, the mentor, stated that, ABJ serves the youth, by teaching them how art can serve as a tool for economic growth.

(Victoria Brady is the founder of ABJ foundation) Website
more podcast on JoysPeace about ABJ

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Mama Joy

Mama Joy (Joy Sigur Ramza Woods) is A Podcast Host, and Lecturer On The Divine, Economic, and Cultural Role Of “Emancipation Proclamation” In Negro and American History. She is a proud grandmother, retired educator, minister, singer, pianist, community activist.

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