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Producers of JoysPeace Podcast Series

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Podcast Host is Mama Joy (Joy Sigur Ramza Woods), a retired educator (30 years at Wendel Philips Academy High School). And Podcast Engineer is Papa Peace (Shahram Sedehi), is a freelance Filmmaker (studied at Columbia College of Motion Picture Arts).

As an inter-racial and inter-faith couple, they are able to relate well with the diverse black and brown cultures in Southside Chicago.

Mama Joy, a native of New Orleans, has been actively involved in several faiths since youth, as a Lutheran, then as a follower of Elijah Mohammad, and now as one searching for principles that can unify all people of faith and conscience.
Papa Peace, a middle eastern, was raised as a moslem in the country of Iran. Being persecuted for his ethnic background in America, he emphasizes deeply with the struggle of black and brown family.