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Take Ownership of Your Identity, Design, Plan and Purpose In Christ”

Mama Joy February 26, 2020 63

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Mama Joy Spoke On Emancipation At Christ Chapel Baptist Church- Chicago Feb 23, 2020
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A negro spiritual says “Have you heard of a city,  the streets are paved with gold?…” We are willing to wait for the kingdom, but we hesitate to go for it! We were brought to America to make a “heavenly place” for the “master”!..Yet, Christ brought us to birth the Kingdom of Heaven in this nation!

Without the womb of God where we would be?

When you are in the womb of God you find everything that you need.

We talk about the anointing in Christ, but do we go for it?!

If you want to know the “true survivors and the true Believers”  look at their fruit. We have come from a long journey (the 400 years), let us make it fruitful. Let us make a difference in our home, community, and nation.

God has made a way for us, yet we have not found ourselves deserving of that love. We really don’t know who we are in God!

Prayer: “God help us to see that you were there when the emancipation was proclaimed by the presidency. God is in the house!”

When Jeremiah the prophet was just a child, God called him to speak unto kings (Jeremiah 1:5-7). And how many children are we burying these days, How many prophets are we burying?!

Jeremiah said to God, I am just a child, I can not speak unto kings…” and God said, “Say not that I am a child, for thou shall go to all that I send thee”…Children have the power of the Lord when they come out of the womb that God has blessed…they are ready; age has nothing to do with it. God didn’t say to Jeremiah, go ask your mommy or daddy!..Carter G. Woodson sought to preserve black history, yet we are here to preserve the true American history. We have strayed from God’s way. Our churches have  forgotten that we used to have to “steal away” just to pray! We did not even have the right to assemble. 

Our young people need to know about the power of God that is within them. We did not teach them, because  we did not know it ourselves. 

We as mothers do not know who we are, nor the anointing that dwells within our womb. We gave birth, labored with such pain and yet we were so belittled by men…they beat us to the ground and yet we still love them, because of that anointing…

You had to go through some hell and degradation, so you can appreciate what real peace is, what real love is…

How many of us have looked at our history through God’s loving eyes?!

We stay in the pain, blame, and anger, like James Brown sings, waiting, for the big payback!  

The forefathers realized that they had no choice but to make a deal with the South, so they could have enough military might to move away from their “horrific mother”, the English tyranny.  

Our consciousness always moves toward the pain, yet Jesus wants us to move toward the light…Jesus said 2000 years ago, there will come those who “will do far greater works!”. 

Are you the one? …we had to go through hell, like Jesus did,  so we could be ready to be the “savior” of this nation of America…Don’t you want to think about it?

Anything that God set up for you to do, you have to qualify for it? You got to go through something, and not just go around it, but meet it! David, as a child, confronted goliath, and hebrew children went through fire…who knows how God would prepare a nation of people for greater works, only Him!

Regardless of what men planned to do with us or or whatever position they had for us, regardless of whatever design they chose for us, or identity they gave us, it will never ever trump what was God’s Plan, Position, Design, Identity and Purpose was and has been for us!

We have seen ourselves from the point of view of the intellectuals and we have read all about the great accomplishments of the black figures in our modern era, but how many of them have said, “without God I could not do any of it?!”

You are in the womb of God, and when you know you are in the womb of God, all that you need, you already have.  When you come out of the womb of your mother, you must know that there are a lot of wombs God has set up for you….do  you realize that, you are never outside of the womb of God’s love!

I asked God, why such a thing as slavery occurred, why it persisted for severl hundrend years in a nation that was declaring home of the brave and the land of the free, where all men are equal..?! God showed me the answer in the Emancipation Proclamation; He sent me on a journey to find the spiritual significance of our path.

Are you just aware of Emancipation Proclamation, or do you really know it?! It starts with “The year of our Lord”…!  

It was because of the faith and constancy of Mother Sojourner Truth and Father Fredrick Douglas and the abolitionist, that Abraham Lincoln could have the courage and the heart to hear God and to do, what no one else had the chance to do. 

Do you know that when Abraham Lincoln led the war at Antietam, he prayed, “God, I need this victory so I could declare the Emancipation of your people”. In the proclamation, God is revered 5 times and there is a prayer as well…Your children should know all this! 

When we do not see God and Jesus as the rock, we cannot see the fact that this nation was actually reborn in 1863.  When we see things “going down” in our community, let us go back to that “old landmark”.

Back then, if we had a book in our hand, our tongues were taken ou; it was against the law for us to be taught or read a book! After our ancestors were freed, because they could not read the word of God, they could not take ownership of their freedom in Christ! Yet now, even though we are literate, we don’t study the word and have forgotten where we came from and who is our true deliverer!

Even though our ancestors could not read the Bible, they knew their suffering was for a higher purpose and sang about it in the spiritual songs. …they knew that slavery was nothing but satanic and not in the will of a loving God.

They sang, ”There is a Balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole, to heal the sin sick soul…” They were  in chains and shackles but they were praying for the soul of America, you and me!

“…If you can not sing like the angels or preach like Paul, you can tell them about the love of Jesus and and say he died for you…yes he did”… as they prayed and sang this, God thundered liberty by the Emancipation Proclamation and broke down their chains, just as it did for Peter and Paul in prison…

Through the Emancipation Proclamation, the Holy Spirit came to America, and freed not just a few but millions of slaves…No “man” can do that!…only God…only God…only God!..   We thank God for the Emancipation and we thank God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit that has come to America!

I found out the slave masters were not allowed to call slave women who gave birth, “mother”;  if they did , it would mean that they would have to respect them…but that fact does not bother me anymore; because I have gotten back my identity,.. in the beginning, God said I made you in my own image…

Sojourner Truth was taught that she was a special kind of monkey, a Baboon…The Holy Spirit came to her and said, “You are a human being!

Jesus said “I will send a comforter…”, when your heart gets low the spirit will speak to you. Spirit will call upon you to hear and say thus speaketh the Lord,  are you willing to hear it and take it on?…

Sojourner never learned how to read or write, but she became a formidable force in her time; she rose with that anointing of Christ in her. If we speak on Paul, Deborah, Esther, let us not forget what God did here in America through Sojourner.. She became a powerful leader in the women’s suffrage…she was a spiritual counselor for Abraham Lincoln…

Fredrick Douglas was going to join the Nat Turner Black Army as he was giving up, yet, Sojourner stopped him and said, “Fredrick, God ain’t dead!” Give God time to do His work to free us!”

A mob of white men had heard about a black woman(Sojourner), the “baboon”, who could preach and sing! They came with torches and bats, yet they returned in awe of the Godly authority and the angelic melody in her voice.

Did you ever heard this story about Sojourner?…. God was always there, but somebody had to respond,  somebody had to go for the spirit, somebody had to go for the truth, trust in the anointing, and trust in what is unseen…she could feel it in her heart, her feet, all over her body… as the song says, “I stepped in the water, the water was cold, it chilled my body, but not my soul!”. 

“Love God with all your heart , mind, body and soul, lean not on your understanding”… God is the deliverer, God is the keeper, God is in this house!

When we were in chains and shackles, we were in the house of the master, who dictated the plan, the position,the identity, the purpose and the design for us!..

In 1863 when Emancipation Proclamation was declared, we were freed of the master’s dictates, yet we did not realize that we were not free of the conditioning of the past. We left this physical chain and shackle, but did not leave that burden behind. And ignorantly, we raised our children in it, even though we were still calling on Christ’s anointing!

When we look around, we see our neighborhood going down, and jobs taken away from us, we sigh “What are we going to do?!” I say, Let’s go back to that old landmark, go back to the womb of God. God stepped here and made it possible for us to have many privileges, yet, we did not truly appreciate them.  

We did not honor our father and mother, the price that our ancestors paid for these privileges. Let us recognize the the power of the prayers of Mother Sojourner Truth, and the writings of Father Fredrick Douglas, that moved Abraham Lincoln to Proclaim our Emancipation. 

We are not just about black history, but “true” American history… when we, as the descendants,  get it together, this nation will be what it is supposed to be. This nation is waiting for us to rise up for the “Kingdom of True Love”. The nation is waiting for us to call upon the God that our ancestors served. We are the people that history has been waiting for. Who else qualifies for it?!Until we go for it, and take ownership of it, God’s Will won’t be done! Let’s do all that we can to change our minds and to walk in the light of God as true believers to bring healing to this land.


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Mama Joy

Mama Joy (Joy Sigur Ramza Woods) is A Podcast Host, and Lecturer On The Divine, Economic, and Cultural Role Of “Emancipation Proclamation” In Negro and American History. She is a proud grandmother, retired educator, minister, singer, pianist, community activist.

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