Interview With Carla L. Hawkins Author of “Mama Never Told Me”

Mama Joy March 16, 2020 132 1 4

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Have you ever been bound by fear, denial or shame of something hat your mother told you or did not tell you? If so, it’s time to let it go in spite of others who may discourage you. Let’s us face the conversation we have had with our self, on what our Mama should have told us and did not!

Mama Joy Interviews Author Carla LeVeaux-Hawkins who will share her truth on her quest to uncover events that she hid since childhood, as they were too painful to remember! She explores liberation from her fears, painful past and shame in finding the answer to the question “Why did my daddy leave me as a baby?”, that her mother never answered!

Buy The book “Mama Never Told Me

Read this interview of Carla by Claudette Redic

Remember the solution dwells in us. So Let us release it, speak it, to create it.

This episode is an excerpt from a podcast conducted on BlogTalkRadio “Female Solution” Show by Naimah Latif.

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    Interview With Carla L. Hawkins Author of “Mama Never Told Me”
    Mama Joy

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Mama Joy (Joy Sigur Ramza Woods) is A Podcast Host, and Lecturer On The Divine, Economic, and Cultural Role Of “Emancipation Proclamation” In Negro and American History. She is a proud grandmother, retired educator, minister, singer, pianist, community activist.

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