Peace Road USA-Interview with Angelic Selle & Fannie Smith of WFWP

Mama Joy August 5, 2020 125 1 4

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Mama Joy interviews Fannie Smith and Angelina Selle of Woman Federation For World Peace, about the Peace Road USA project. You are invited to join them on August 8th, 9 AM at Friendship Baptist Church, 848 west 71st St. Chicago, as part of the Peace Road USA Project.

Fannie Smith says to the people of faith: “…the inequity that our black and brown brothers and sisters are experiencing….How can we go to Heaven, when we can not love our neighbors of all races?!”

Angelika Selle: “…I thank you, my African American sisters and brothers, you have loved your ‘enemies children‘, and I appreciate you for that, I thank you for that. We need you in America, this is your time to shine, because of the path you have gone. You have the answer for America in your heart. Mother Moon says that it is the black sisters and brothers that have truly understood and lived the essence of Jesus teaching to love your enemy!



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Mama Joy

Mama Joy (Joy Sigur Ramza Woods) is A Podcast Host, and Lecturer On The Divine, Economic, and Cultural Role Of “Emancipation Proclamation” In Negro and American History. She is a proud grandmother, retired educator, minister, singer, pianist, community activist.

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